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Curried Zucchini



Salt zucchini well and place in a colander. Place a weight on top. Allow to sit for 2 or more hours to drain off excess water in the zuccini.

Put garlic, onion and 3 TBS oil in a large cold fry pan. Turn up heat to medium. Fry until fragrant (a few moments), add zucchini and turn the heat to medium high. (Optional add chopped peppers) Brown the zucchini well. You will have to add oil as you brown as the zucchini will absorb lots of oil. Do not burn.

Add the curry powder, reduce heat and stir and continue frying for a few moments until the curry powder begins to smell strongly. (Optional squeeze lime juice over all and stir) Add chicken stock.

Simmer until reduced by at least half. Lower heat and allow it to cool until no activity can be seen. Stir in yogurt and serve.

My recipe for curry powder:

All the below ingredients should be fine powders. Works best if you grind them all together. To expand the amount just multiply. You can adjust the heat level by using a hotter chili, or a combination of a milder and a hotter chili, but don't increase the ratio of chili to the other ingredients. It is best to fine grind the whole items before adding the powdered ones.

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