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Clay's Golden Coins




Spice coating:


Meat Preparation:

Beat pork till 1/4 inch flat and cut in half to form portions no larger than 3"x3".

Beat eggs, and add butter, and garlic while beating.

Spice Preparation:

Grind all the spices into a very fine powder in a spice grinder. Start with the herbs, when they are finely ground, add the powdered spices. When that is well mixed add the sesame seeds. You can substitute marjoram for the savory. Ancho chili is a good choice for the red pepper powder, but use cayenne if you want. Do not use "chili powder" as it usually contains more than just chilies.

Sauce preparation:

Melt the butter, and crumble spices into the butter while it is still hot. Let stand 2 minutes. While vigorously whipping, slowly add wine to butter. When the wine is fully incorporated, fold in mayo. Add lime juice and whip. This should stand in the refrigerator for 1 hour before use.

Finish it up:

Dip pork into egg mixture then sprinkle powder over both sides of meat, let set for 1 minute, at least. It usually takes a while to do a lot of pieces, you can dip, coat, and set on a sheet pan while you work on the rest.

Fry meat in fry pan (iron preferred) in 1/8 - 1/4 inch medium hot canola oil 45 - 60 seconds each side (you can use olive oil mixed 50/50 with peanut or canola oil for nicer color) till they are golden. Do not over cook Serve with side of sauce.

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