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Politics / Culture

The Second Amendment Foundation

Advocates for Self-Government

Libertarian Party

In Defense Of Smokers

National Vaccine Information Center

Vaccine Information & Awareness


Roughneck Chronicles

Games Domain

Sim HQ


David H Hackworth


Neal Boortz

Walter Williams


Urban Legends Reference Pages

World Net Daily

Symantec AntiVirus Research Center

Computer Humor

Search US Code

IBM S390 Manuals

Other Items of Interest

The Susquehanna School

NASA Space Science Gateway

Super Kids Educational Software Review

Susquehann Vally Mycological Association

NorthEast Mycological Federation, Inc.

Service Related

Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc.

The capabilities of EPS Inc. staff extend beyond the system programmer skill set, and include performance (measurement, tuning, and analysis) for systems and applications, systems maintenance, operations, and project management. Peter Enrico and his team have strong and diverse experience with the IBM S/390 platform, and a solid backgrounds in OS/390 (now z/OS), Workload Manager, Parallel Sysplex, UNIX System Services, IBM HTTP Web Server, WebSphere, RACF, CICS, DB2, and much more.

SBBWorks Inc.

SBBWorks specializes in the review, design and implementation of chargeback and cost allocation systems that help I/S managers control I/S resource costs and more effectively manage those resources.

P.J. O'hare's

The bar and resturant used to belong to my buddy Bill Briar Now it is an Irish pub and resurant. The Hangout for computer professionals in the Susquehanna Area.

Child Protection: My Child's Info

This is one of my friends new business ventures, and this is what he has to say: With your membership to My Child's Info™ you will have your child's information database system in place, so if and when an emergency were to arise you can start a productive search immediately with a Missing Child Poster that can be distributed on the spot. The first few minutes, are the most important, use them wisely.

Felix Roma Bakery

Great frozen self rising pizza crusts. My friend Bill Briar works on their web site, and, thus, was able to get me some samples of their shells. Worked out very good once we got the temp (375) and cooking time down (24 mins) right. Can't wait until these are available on the market, 'cause some nights you need pizza, and the restaurants are closed! Oh yea, did I say that we live out in the middle of nowhere.

Susquehanna County Chamber of Commerce

In Susquehanna County Pennsylvania.

Susquehanna County Services

A listing of businesses, towns and highlights of Susquehanna County Pennsylvania.

Susquehanna Depot Area Historical Society

A local Museum in Susquehanna with many displays and photos of the depot and the towns around it. Site has information about the organization, meetings, pictures of the museum and it's events.

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