Billing Methods

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Business friendly billing methods

There is no cost or obligation for the initial consultation. For a free estimate, contact me today and describe your project requirements. I will send you a no-obligation, proposal targeted to meet your business goals. I will work with you on a pricing strategy that will meet your needs: hourly rate, lump sum or not-to-exceed.

  • Hourly Rate - pay by the hours worked with no minimum or maximum. If a guaranteed minimum number of hours, there are discounts. The discounts increase as the guaranteed minimum number of hours increases.
  • Lump-sum - a single price for the entire project. This requires detailed specifications and deliverables. The project will be completed for a fixed top price even if more time needs to be spent to complete the project then what was originally planned.
  • Not-to-exceed - pay by the hour worked with a top end number of hours. You only pay for the actual hours worked. The number of hours worked in a period of time is guaranteed not to exceed a set amount. But if you don't need that much work done over that time, you don't pay for services not rendered.

Initial Contact

First, a thorough assessment of your business issues must be completed. A Specifications Document is the result of diligence in determining the requirements, time and ultimately the costs of your project. All Clay contracts begin with this discovery process. If a Specifications Document exists, I analyze it and if, necessary, enhance it. If it does not exist, I create it. For large projects there may be a flat fee involved in creating a Specifications Document. For small or short term projects that service is free. Once the assessment is complete, a quote can be developed for the hours required to complete each specific task.

Contracts and Invoicing

Prior to beginning actual work on any project, I will discuss our contract with you. At that time, you will need to provide a billing contact, telephone number and address. If your organization has requirements for a legal department or other reviews of the contract, these must be completed and a satisfactory agreement between all parties reached before work can begin.

Shorter-Term Projects

Short-term projects are those that you expect to be completed within one or two weeks. For short-term contracts, an invoice will be sent to you once all work is complete. Usually a single meeting is sufficient to determine the requirements for services to be performed.

Longer-Term Projects

Long-term projects are those that you expect to continue for longer than two weeks. For longer-term contracts, you will be invoiced monthly for work completed in the prior month. Regular status reports will be provided. The reports include descriptions of progress, obstacles, and anticipated completion dates for each project deliverable.

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