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Brochure sites show off your business

A brochure site is just about what it sounds like. It is a way for you to provide more information about your business to potential customers. It tells the visitor about what products or services you offer, provide a way to locate your physical business, and a way for the customer to contact you. I will work closely with you as I create your brochure site. ad leads to webpage

More information than a piece of paper

While a brochure for your business is limited by size and printing costs, this is not so for a brochure web site. Even a modest hosting plan will provide more than enough storage to allow you to include more pictures and text than would fit in a three fold brochure. This means you have the freedom to really let a potential customer learn about how you run your business, who you are, and what your other customers think about your business. The free use of colors and pictures can convey impressions and feelings to a visitor, preparing them to be more receptive to your sales pitch. An example would be a travel service. Pictures of families having fun on a sunny beach can set the mood for selling that vacation plan.

More bang for the advertising buck

A brochure site can extend you advertising dollar. Business cards are too small. Newspaper ads charge by the column inch. Radio and TV charge by the air time used. These costs can limit how much information you can provide potential customers. A reference to your web site in the ad provides the customer an ability to gather more information in a pressure free environment. While they may feel nervous calling your business, fearing that personal contact that may tie them into listening beyond their interest level, they can always turn away from a web site if they are not interested. How much would your sales improve if you had the time to sit down with each potential customer for thirty minutes? A well designed brochure site can do this without you spending all your time, and do so at a time convenient for that customer.

A Web Site will Promote Your Business

Clay can also help you promote your business using your web site. Search engine optimization and submitting to search engines is only part of promoting a web site. If no one knows your site exists then you are not benefiting from what the web site can provide your business. Sometimes keyword searches are not the way your potential customers will find your site. Clay can help your web site get viewed and used by prospective clients.

I work closely with you

Clay's design methods rely on your input to craft a site that really reflects what you want customers to see in your business. I understand how to best apply the elements of web page design to convey your enthusiasm for your product or service to a customer. I can design a site that will allow a customer to begin to trust you before they have even met you. We bill you for just the work I do, not by the page or picture. I am a computer professional and that is reflected in the attitude and methods I apply to every job. Contact me today and find out just how easy, useful and economical a brochure site can be.

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