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Chargeback Administration, Installation, and Customization

IT Chargeback Administration is a challenging, complex and often frustrating position. Martin Works can relieve your Chargeback pressures. We have experience as: Chargeback administration, customization, installation

  • Chargeback Administrator
  • Software Vendor
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • Software Vendor Developer
  • Consultants

We understand the issues from all viewpoints. Here are the specific services we offer:

Product Installation and Customization or Upgrade Service

Martin Works can plan and implement your new software package or upgrade. We have experience in upgrades and installations for:

  • CA NeuMICS
  • SAS IT Charge Management
  • SAS IT Resource Management
  • Merrill Consultants MXG
  • Other SAS-based software packages.
presentation handout
"Changing Chargeback
Application Software:
More Gain with
Less Pain"
(.doc file 12MB)

We know that successful implementation of a package requires detailed planning before the implementation, careful attention to installation details, and complete documentation of the choices or customizations made during the installation or upgrade. This service can be set up as either a Long-Term Contract or a Service Contract. Visit our Billing Methods page for more information. Most Martin Works customers are so impressed with our service that though they start with a long-term contract, they switch to a service contract. They switch so they can continue our business relationship while realizing the savings of a Service Contract.

Documentation of existing customizations and user modifications

  • Has NeuMICS or MXG been around for a while?
  • Has your Chargeback Administrator position morphed into a position where Chargeback Administration is only part of the job?
  • Have changes and customizations been made but not documented?
  • Has NeuMICS been modified without using IEBUDTE and standard methodologies?
  • Are these unknown customizations keeping you from applying maintenance or upgrading to a new version of SAS?

Call Martin Works today. We can examine your system for customizations, user modifications and "dead" code. We can help clean it up or just document what’s there. Either way, you will have the knowledge to plan your next course of action.

Training and Technical Support Services

Martin Works can provide training and technical support for CA NeuMICS and SAS IT Charge Management and IT Resource Management. We have experience with training and creating course materials for these products. From working in NeuMICS technical support and ITCM development, we also have proven experience in providing superior technical support for these products.

Remote Administration Service

Is the funding for a back up chargeback administrator not available? Is your IT infrastructure too small for a dedicated chargeback administrator? Is your current chargeback administrator overworked? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Martin Works, Inc. can help. We have many years of experience providing remote administration of the chargeback and system monitoring software list above. Learn more about our Remote Administration Service. Remote Administration is usually set up as a Service Contract where we work with your to set up a schedule of tasks to be performed.

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