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Web Site Design Principles

Important Elements


If you need a web site, let Clay design it for you. I can walk you through the steps to create a site that works for your business. I am not a fly by night company. I live an work in Susquehanna County for over a decade. I will work with you so that you understand what you need to provide and what I will provide. I always spell this out in a statement of work, backed by a contract.

I review the design with you at various points in the process to assure that the site meets your approval and needs. I will not trap you into using our services. Clay insists that you retain control of both the hosting service and the domain name registration.

Web site design goals:

  • It meets your business goals for having a site.
  • It projects the image you want for your business.
  • It meets the needs of your site visitors.
  • It is completed within your budget.
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Steps in developing your web site

  • Researching your market and online competitors
  • Meeting with you to determine your business needs and goals
  • Providing you with a free estimate
  • Preliminary design and statement of work
  • Proividing you with a set of questions that guide you in writing your content
  • Programming, digital photo editing and graphics design
  • Tuning and refining the content you provide
  • Extensive verification and testing of web pages, forms, links, and other site elements
  • Your review and, upon your approval, publication

Your unique web site is customized in these areas:

  • Your business identity and branding
  • Visitor ease of use and consistent navigation
  • Quick load time
  • Meta-tag and content for search engines and site ranking

Clay can help you with your web site content. I provide a customized guide to walk you through putting into words the site content that only you can provide. I can clean up that content, but you know your business better than I do. I can take the pictures you need or use ones that you provide. I also educate you in the pitfalls and opportunities that you web site will provide your business. Follow this link to learn more about the elements of web site design.

Although I don't want to control where you host your site, or your domain registration, I can help you locate economical vendors for both. I can check out hosting companies to verify their uptime and service level. This allows you to make an informed decision. This method also insures that you will not lose your domain name or hosting slot because the renewal notice was sent to someone else. I have already looked into a number of web hosting companies and offer links to them as a service for our customers.

The linchpin of our service is us working closely with you. Whether you need a simple brochure site or plan to sell online, your web site is a reflection on your business. Customers will form an impression about your business, just like your store front, business cards, or employees. I will work with you to insure that impression is favorable.

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