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Expanding or upgrading your web site

Clay can help you expand or upgrade your existing web site. I can walk you through the steps to modify a site to meet your new business needs. I will work with you so that you understand what you need to provide and what I will provide. I am not a fly by night company. I always spell this out in a statement of work, backed by a contract. I review the design with you at various points in the process to assure that the changes meets your approval.
Add new features, expand your site

Room to grow

Is your web site is working well for your business? Want to add a few more pages or give your visitors some more functionality? I can help you grow your site. No job is too large or small. I can add forums, e-commerce, photo galleries, calendar or just a few more pages. Contact me and find out what I can do for you.
Get a better hosting service

Hosting problems

Are you having problems with your current web hosting service? Downtime, poor service, rates change? Maybe you did not pick a good hosting company. I have been there and done that. Picking an unreliable hosting company is quite common and not the end of the world. Even if you do not have direct download access to the site I can extract most of the content. I can then help you find a reliable hosting service and reassemble your web site there. I can then assist you in re-pointing your domain name to the new site.
Web site developer problems

Web site designer problems

Did you leap before you looked? There are some web site designers that provide the whole ball of wax, domain name registration, hosting, and site design. Some do a great job, but...what if that is not the case? If you are not happy with their work, you suddenly realize that you don't control (own) anything. This is not the way I do business! Clay has experience helping business owners reclaim their domain name and get their site moved to another host. Don't feel trapped into paying exorbitant fees for an amateur looking site. Let me help you out of that hole.

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