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A radio station (620 WTMJ) in Milwaukee has an "informal" correspondent over in Iraq. He emailed this to the station.


Many people sent newspaper and magazine clippings of the accounts of the events in Iraq. The articles are filled with the latest mortar attacks, number of soldiers called up, and the "ever rising" death toll.

While I appreciate the news, I am constantly wondering if you are receiving any information on the good things that we are doing here. I don't read anything about:

Iraq under coalition control has come further in six months than Germany did in seven years or Japan did in nine years following WWII.

Military deaths from fanatic Nazi's, and Japanese numbered in the thousands and continued for over three years after WWII victory was declared.

I can only hope that I am not the first person who has spread these messages. We are all here to do our job and help the people of Iraq.

We may or may not like our long tour in Baghdad, but the aforementioned successes are historically dramatic and I am proud to be a part of it.

I hope you are all equally as impressed with the work of the "American aggressors."

Sgt. Adam Wickersham....

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