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New! A letter describing the services for a fallen solder that a group said that they would protest at. It didn't go their way. Read it here.

New! A great tribute to our troops and their families. Its a shockwave video and should not take too long to load. Well worth the wait if it does.

A little plot of grass, can go along way to reminding us of what our soldiers give up both large and small to serve our country. I received this in an email and felt it needed greater distribution.

Meet Brian Chontosh, American Hero. Story of the brave deeds of a Platoon Commander in the United States Marine Corps.

In the Shadow of the Blade "Once she carried them in to battle, now she welcomes them home." A crew of Vets take a Huey cross country, visiting with other vets and their survivors. Website features pictures and stories of the places they have visited so far. New: "In the Shadow of the Blade", the movie is being premiered around the country. Check out the web site for dates and times of a showing near you.

Small town America embraces soldiers returning from war.

Outback Steakhouse brought steak dinners to American troops serving in Afghanistan. I usually cook my own steaks and am not much for onions, blooming or not, but I will certainly consider throwing more business Outback's way after reading this. Click the link to read more.

A speech by Major Brian Shul, a former Air Force pilot who flew over 200 missions in Viet Nam. It was made in the months after 9-11, its quite a good read.

Ann Margaret and Her Gentlemen This is a true story about a Viet Nam vet and Ann Margaret as told by the vet's wife.

A poem by USCG Commander Kelly Strong, and pictures that came to me in an email.

A set of poems, Soldiers of the wall and Spirits In The Wind by Viet Nam vet, Gary Jacobson. If you scroll down further on the pages, there are links to Mr. Jacobson's picture tour.

A tribute to our troops done in a flash presentation. Well worth the load time. You will probably want to use Internet Explorer to view this as it did not work with Netscape (at least for me). Click here to view it.

Another tribute to our troops done in a flash presentation. Also well worth the load time. Remember to turn up your sound. Click here to view it.

An Email from Senior Investigator Jack Graham of the New York State Police. This is a great story. The letter was written by Senior Investigator Jack Graham of the New York State Police to fellow members of the NY State Police and to the Syracuse Police who, on April 17, 2003, participated in a hastily planned ceremonial escort for a soldier killed in Iraq. Click here to read the letter.

This is a site detailing the community response to the funeral of Specialist James Kiehl, age 22, from Comfort, Texas, was killed, along with six other soldiers at the same place and the same day that Jessica Lynch was taken prisoner. The outstanding response from this community shows the high regard that this country holds for its fallen solders. Click here to visit the site containing pictures and descriptions of the turn out.

A solder's mother responds to the question poised in her gift shop by a young boy with his mother. The question was "Veterans, Who Do They Think They Are?" Click here to read her response.

Airline seats given to troops returning from the gulf. This is a letter written by an Administrative Judge returning home from a conference. It's about the response from a terminal full of travelers when given the opportunity to help out some troops short on time, trying to get home. Click here to read his letter. Click here for the rest of the story.

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