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Resources for Korean War Veterans

If you know of any resources we do not have listed please let us know
2nd Infantry Division (2id), Korean War Veterans Alliance : We are a non-profit all Korean War veteran organization. The purpose of this site is to provide service to our members by keeping them advised of past, present and future events.
Korean War Project : The Korean War Project began in 1979 as part of a family history. The founder is Hal Barker, a photojournalist, writer, designer/inventor/journeyman carpenter, a graduate of North Carolina State University in History, and founder and initial contributor to establish the Korean War Veterans Memorial Fund in Washington, D.C., administered by the American Battle Monuments Commission.
Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library : On June 3, 2000, groundbreaking ceremonies were held in Tuscola, Illinois for the Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library. This educational research center will pay tribute to all who served in the war, especially the wounded and killed in action and those who lost their lives in non-combatant situations. This museum and library has been long overdue and will finally create an awareness of The Forgotten Victory.
Tiger Survivors : Tiger Survivors is a veterans group of American soldiers, one British Marine and 79 multi-national civilians who were held prisoners by the Communists in North Korea for 38 or more months from 29 June 1950 through 1 April 1954.

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