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You can place a link(like the one below) to us on your web page.

US Flag
Our Troops

First copy the image. Right click on the image below and select "save image as". Please don't hot link, make your own copy of the image. To use the html below you will need to save the image as a file named USFlag.gif

US Flag

Now just cut the html code below and paste it onto your page, and you are set.

<A href=""><IMG width="63" height="39" alt="US Flag" src="USFlag.gif" align="top" border="0"></a> <BR><A href=""><span style="font-weight:bold; color:#DDDD00; font-size:small;" align="left" >Support</span><br> <span style="font-weight:bold; color:#DDDD00; font-size:small;" align="left" >Our Troops</span></a>

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