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Lt. Col. Allen B. West, left, is greeted during a change-of-command ceremony in June. (Courtesy Washington Times)

There was a terrible disservice going on in the US Army. Lt. Col. Allen B. West, a battalion commander with the 4th Infantry Division is being accused of a serious crime arising out of an interrogation conducted in Iraq. This interrogation did not cause physical harm to the terrorist being questioned. The interrogation turned up information that saved American servicemens' lives. Never-the-less the brass seems determined to prosecute this fine officer that put his troops safety above career and retirement. Below are links to articles that will provide the whole story. Read them and see what you think. Below those is some sugestions for what you can do, check out the links.

What can you do?
Send a Christmas card and a gift (to help cover his fine) to the address listed for the defence fund (see below). See the article by Metcalf below in the articles area. Thats what my family is doing.
Send a email of support to Lt. Col. West.
Angela West has set up a legal fund for her husband with the following address: Allen West Defense Fund c/o Angela West, 6823 Coleman Drive, Ft. Hood, TX 76544.
From Nov. 4 Text of a letter from the House Committee on Armed Services to the Acting Secretary of the Army. You might consider using the Congressional contact link below to send these two Congressmen a letter supporting Lt. Col. West. Or you can use the links at the bottom of the letter to contact the specific Congressmen who sent the letter to the SOA.
NEW! Call the DOD and leave a message supporting Lt. Col. West. Day number: 254-287-0106, Nighttime: 254-287-2520
Sign an on-line petition (at of support for Lt. Col. West.
Sign an on-line petition at Support To Our Protectors.
Sign an on-line petition at
Sign our on-line petition of support for Lt. Col. West.
View our on-line petition of support for Lt. Col. West.
Contact your Congress Critter You may want to recommend the Col. for the DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS. That will just reinforce your support. Here is another way to contact Senators and Congressmen, and get your message on the web at the same time. Click here and enter your zip code.
Contact the US Army's Office of the Chief of Public Affairs. Submit your comment or question in writing to: Office of the Chief of Public Affairs , 1500 Army Pentagon, Washington, DC, 20310-1500 for all questions, comments, and suggestions having to do with The United States Army.
Contact the Department of Defense Just click on the questions and comments tab. You can also try here.
If you would like to write to Secretary Rumsfeld, his address is:

Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld

Secretary of Defense

1000 Defense Pentagon

Washington, DC 20301

Articles about the Lt. Col. West story
New Jan. 13 Interview with Lt. Col. West by Mychal S. Massie
Man of the Year! Jan. 2 FrontPage Magazine: FrontPage Magazine's Man of the Year: Col. Allen B. West By Ben Johnson
Let’s Pick Up the Tab Dec. 15 Let’s Pick Up the Tab by Geoff Metcalf
FINAL RESULT! Dec. 12 Lt. Col. West docked 2 month's pay Avoids court martial for using shock tactics to save lives
Dec. 10 THE WASHINGTON TIMES: 'Great news' for West in assault case By Rowan Scarborough
Dec. 9 The Sierra Times: While 4th ID Major General Presses "Be Lethal" Message, One of his own Lt. Col. Stands So Charged By Debi M. Brand, Mother of a 4th ID Soldier
Dec. 2 THE WASHINGTON TIMES: West's attorney cites woes in queries By Rowan Scarborough
Nov. 26 Congress members back Lt. Col. West Heads of armed services panels appeal to Army secretary
Nov. 22 THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Persecuting Col. West
Nov. 21 Joplin Independent: Help exonerate Lt. Col. West
Nov. 20 Risking all for the unworthy By Hal Lindsey
Nov. 19 The Guardian Unlimited: Senators Question Case Against Officer
Nov. 19 THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Assault hearing opens in Tikrit By Rowan Scarborough
Nov. 18 Jessica Lynch, Col. West, and Common Sense By Trevor Bothwell
Nov. 18 'Heroic' officer faces Army hearing Lt. Col. West argues aggressive interrogation saved lives of troops
Nov. 17 THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Some tortured logic about interrogations By Clifford D. May
Nov. 14 FrontPage Magazine: Free Colonel West! By Michael Reagan
Nov. 12 American Daily: Defending Lt. Col. Allen West By Robert J. Rutkowski
Nov. 11 The Legal Lynching Of Lt. Col. West By Norman Turner
Nov. 11 Access North GA: The Plight of Lt. Col. Allen West
Nov. 7 THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Inside the Ring By Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough
Nov. 5 'Heroic' officer clings to faith Facing charges after foiling ambush plot, 'devastating' to be regarded as a criminal
Nov. 5 Americans rally behind officer who foiled plot, Family shares stress of assault charges, girls hear at school: 'Your daddy is no hero'
Nov. 5 THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Railroading Col. West
Nov. 3 John Weisman: Memo to Army Chief of Staff Pete Schoomaker
Nov. 3 THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Rumsfeld mum over accused colonel
Nov. 2 Geoff Metcalf slams the brass and praises the Col.
Oct. 30 Prison for officer's effort to foil attack? Scared Iraqi into revealing details of plot but faces court martial
Oct. 30 Officer fights charges after protecting troops Scared Iraqi into revealing plot, rejects offer to quit with no benefits
Oct. 29 THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Army files charge in combat tactic By Rowan Scarborough

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