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Open letter to the US media from a Veteran

This is a letter sent to CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN, by a concerned Vet. He also sent a copy with an introduction to the Whitehouse. I have included both the letter to the Whitehouse followed by the one to the media. Since I received this by email, there may be differences in formating, as I had to guess at some of the paragraph breaks. -ctm

President Bush

Vice President Cheney,

Distinguished Leaders,

I sent the following enclosed letter to the major news media sources in this country. I am personally fed up with the media's conduct of the war on terror. I would encourage you and the Dept. of Defense to being a program of screening media reports relating to the war on terror and our efforts in Iraq. You folks are doing a great job but our own media is undermining our efforts and placing our military at more risk and placing American citizens at risk as well. This must not be allowed to continue. As I recall during WW II the media was controlled in a manner that did not allow them to bring dishonor to our efforts or report things that may be damaging to our overall efforts. Some things simply should not be reported for security reasons and how they would impact the overall war effort. I am convinced it is time to place such restrictions on our media once again. Clearly the mainstream media and certain people in congress are using such negative information for political gain and agenda at the risk of American lives. This must stop. Please see the letter I sent to CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN below. I would like to see charges of some sort to be brought against the individual responsible for publicizing those photo from Abu Gharib prison. We all agree it was disgraceful. More importantly is the fact that should not have been allowed to go public for obvious reasons. Please keep up the great work and do not fold to this nonsense.


Chuck (the Sarge) Lawrence

Sumner Wa.


I would like to commend you for your deliberate act of sedition and putting our soldiers and other American lives at serious risk. You really pulled a slick one this time. Are you people born stupid, learn it, or just plain ignorant. I have not seen such deliberate abuse of position and power by the media since Vietnam. You people are about the most pathetic excuse for media I have seen and heard in a long time. It is truly sad and pathetic that you feel the need to push an agenda over balanced reporting of the news. You agenda takes precedence over common sense?

How dare you show those photo's of the activities at the Abu Ghraib prison. Did you not think how that would be responded to. Did it not ever occur to that some things are best left unreported in the name of national security or the safety and welfare of our troops in combat or other Americans overseas. Are you going to give the same time and kind of coverage to the recent film of the Berg execution? Hell no you won't your to cowardly to do that. Oh of course you have your blathering idiots like the Hillary's, Kennedy's, Kerry's and many others in DC using this for political purposes and gains. Which is part of your agenda anyway and we all see through that. You provide them self righteous jerks with fuel for more stupidity. Neither you nor their concern is about the welfare of this country. Its about power and nothing more.

You are a disgrace to your profession. Your ethics are extremely questionable and your balance is non existent.

America now sees very clearly what you are about and its not non biased news reporting.

Let me explain something here to you morons. We are at war. The war is going very well despite your doom and gloom bias reporting.

Yes, some subordinate Jr. enlisted people got real stupid. Things like that happen in war. We disagree with it, and we condemn it. The individuals responsible will be held accountable. I find it amazing how you and your political ally's can create such an uproar over this issue when every day spouses and children are subjected to the same if not worse treatment and abuse right here in this country. Its called domestic violence and sexual abuse. Where is your sanctimonious outrage over that? Where is your outrage over the way Mr. Berg and Dan Pearl were treated? What is it, selective outrage at your convenience? Anything to make your own country or our military look bad is acceptable to you.

This just takes me back a few years as a veteran in Vietnam and the TET Offensive of 68. Our military won an amazing victory, and literally wiped out the Viet Cong enemy. They ceased to exist at that point because of the overwhelming victory of our troops and ally's. But is was a surprise attack and unexpected and you in the media declared it a complete victory for the enemy and from that point on declared our efforts as losers. Here you are again trying to predict a war that you have no part in or real understanding. The only losers here are you. You feed our enemies with propaganda that encourages and emboldens them, putting more of our troops at risk. Not only are troops at risk but any American overseas that is convenient for any punk radical Muslim to target in order to make a name for himself is at risk. You have put many American lives at risk with your actions. You are really pathetic if you don't realize and understand what you are doing. Maybe you would be happier if these fanatics were left alone to come here to this country and create total havoc and chaos. Some probably are already here waiting to strike. Who cares as long as you can make the President, our Military and Country look bad in the eyes of our enemies and the world.

You had to know by going public with that sick activity in Abu Ghraib that it would further encourage our enemies in Iraq. You had to know it would put more of our military and American civilians at even more risk. It is even rumored that the military asked you not to publish the photo's because of the problems they would create in Iraq. You did it anyway. You don't care one bit about what the end result might be. Just so it makes our military and president look bad because of the stupid action of a few. You don't get it. Like in Vietnam our enemies today don't think and react to things like we do. They have an entirely different culture based on extreme values of violence and retribution. In addition what was done to those prisoners bad as it was still paled in relation to how prisoners were treated under Saddam. What is with you ignorant fools? Are you so lame you can't figure things out with little bit of common sense. Or is your agenda to defeat the President in the up coming elections so overpowering you have lost all common sense and self control. Your boy (Kerry) is a self admitted war criminal himself. A paper hero who does not deserve many of the awards he got for himself. What does that say about him your choice for president? Talk about phony, maybe you ought to do some real honest and objective research on that arrogant clown. You will be surprised with what you will find. But then you probably already know it and don't choose to admit or report it.

Where is the balance in your reporting?

Where are the stories of the majority of Iraqi's that support our efforts?

Where are the stories that its only a small minority causing the trouble in Iraq?

Where are the stories about the rebuilding that is taking place in Iraq?

Where are the stories of the hundreds of Iraqi military and police dying fighting along side our troops?

Where are the stories of the innocent civilians being murdered and tortured by the thugs running loose in Iraq?

Where are the stories of the Iraqi people reporting IED locations, ambush sites and bomb manufacturing locations to our troops?

Where are the stories of the aid our troops are giving and providing the Iraqi people?

Where are the stories of the aid being sent by groups here in the U.S. to Iraqis and our troops.

Where are the stories of the bombings targeting the innocent Iraqi's by the thugs?

Where are the stories about the heroic actions and valor of some of our troops?

Where is the reporting of the many troops volunteering to return to make sure the job is completed properly, and because they believe in what we are doing?

Where is any positive stories about Iraq and our efforts there?

Where is? Where is? Where is? Its all lost in your sad and pathetic agenda. Those stories are lost in your efforts to encourage the enemies we are fighting over there. They are lost in your effort to try to manipulate the public and impact the upcoming elections.

While you sit back in your desk fat dumb and happy remember this. Your actions and conduct and reporting of that war is costing more lives than necessary and "YOU" have a lot of blood on your hands. You ought to be proud. I am sure the families with loved ones in Iraq are deeply supportive of your conduct undermining our efforts. The troops also appreciate the doom and gloom news you provide them. It does wonders for their morale.

I hope the Berg family sees through your BS and sues the living shit out of all of you because of your irresponsible actions. As you may recall the thugs that executed Mr. Berg made it clear it was retaliation based on the reporting of the events from Abu Ghraib prison. That makes you and the politicians that made such an emotional issue of this completely responsible for Mr. Bergs execution. How do you feel now. I bet your real proud. So what an American was executed by our enemies but we made the military and current leaders look bad in the eyes of the world. Yes, your agenda got a huge boost over that didn't it?

You don't seem to understand how your slanted and biased doom and gloom reporting encourages our enemies. Maybe you ought to read the biography of Gen. Giap of Vietnam. But that requires real reading and not being a talking head in front of a TelePrompTer. Gen. Giap makes it quite clear how the communist used our media and antiwar movement to win a war they had lost. Maybe you need to reflect on what your priorities are? If you hate our military and country so much get the hell out. I am sure you are well qualified to work for Al Jeerza (sp) and they would hire all of you post haste.

We are not a perfect country. We make mistakes. But we are the best thing going. The kind of reporting you are guilty of would have you shut down and in a jail in most countries in the world. How dare you abuse your freedom of the press to attack your own country and put our military and other Americans at further risk. What is your problem? Do you think Freedom and Liberty are only limited to you and your agenda? Other countries I guess are not allowed to have such freedoms as we take for granted and you abuse. Freedom is only good if its convenient for you right? No one else deserves it. As I recall we would not have won our freedom if not for the aid of other countries. But you are to good to help others to get their freedom. The old saying like it or not is fact. Freedom is not Free. Its paid for historically in the blood of honorable men and women. But then talking about "honor" which is not something you comprehend so we will not go there.

Your reporting and conduct to this point is a disgrace if the highest order. Many in America are fed up and we are not going to watch your news, listen to your news, or support your advertisers.

I would suggest you get your act together and make at least an effort to clean up your act and start putting some balance and common sense into your reporting of events. You have lost your creditability.

I hope you sleep well with all the blood on your hands and I hope you see Mr. Bergs execution in your dreams every night.

A disgusted veteran

Chuck (the Sarge) Lawrence

Sumner, Wa.

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