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Six Boys and a Flag : Over one hundred students and chaperones piled off the buses and headed towards the Iwo Jima memorial. I noticed a solitary figure at the base of the statue, and as I got closer he asked, "Where are you guys from?" I told him that we were from Wisconsin. "Hey, I'm a Cheesehead, too! Come gather around, Cheeseheads, and I will tell you a story."
"My name is James Bradley and I'm from Antigo, Wisconsin. My dad is on that statue...."
History Archives at : Accounts of individual battles, leaders, and service personnel from conflicts ranging from Revolutionary war to today.
Airforce Association Stories of Valor : In February 1983, Air Force Magazine began a series of one-page stories about Air Force heroes. They called the new series "Valor."The final "Valor" article was published in December 1999. The full collection of "Valor" articles presented here is, without doubt, the most extensive body of material in existence anywhere about heroism in the US Air Force and its predecessor organizations.
Official Site of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society: : History of the medal and those whom it has been awarded to. This site lists all recipients. It also has a gallery of related photos and artwork.
Veterans History Project: There are 19 million war veterans living in the United States today, but every day we lose 1,700 of them. Motivated by a desire to honor our nation's war veterans for their service and to collect their stories and experiences while they are still among us, the United States Congress created the Veterans History Project. Site contains veterans stories and images. This site also has audio versions of those stories.
The Virtual Wall ® Vietnam Veterans Memorial: The Virtual Wall ® Vietnam Veterans Memorial contains personal remembrances of letters, photographs, poetry, and citations honoring those women and men named on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

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