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Resources for WWII Veterans

If you know of any resources we do not have listed please let us know
WWII U.S. Veterans Website : This Website is being put together with the help and experience of all WWII Veterans. It is your site, and you are all invited to participate in its construction and implementation. It is a creation of the team of Dick Berry, an 81 (to be 82 in August) year old WWII Navy Veteran who served in the Pacific Theater, and his son, Dave Berry, a computer programmer from Sarasota, Florida. It's contents are continually updated and under construction, so bear with us at times - the pages may change as you view them!
National WWII Memorial: Information about the dedication in May 2004, a link to the WWII veterans registry, and high resolution images of the memorial.
Mariners' Struggle for Veteran Status: During World War II President Franklin D. Roosevelt promised mariners of the U.S. Merchant Marine, and Army Transport Service veteran status and a Seaman's Bill of Rights. His promises died with him. This site has information about the struggle to get veterans status for members of the merchant marine during WWII.
US Submarine Veterans of WWII : U.S. Submarines of WWII was a branch of the Navy comprised of less than 1.6% of the U.S. Navy and at WWII's end was credited with sinking 55% of the Japanese shipping and Naval force at the expense of losing 52 U.S. subs and 3,000 U.S. Submariners.
USMC Force Recon Association: Sort of self explanitory.
77th Artillery Association: Sort of self explanitory also.

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