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Martin Works, Inc. provides computer software consulting and software development services on MVS, UNIX and Windows platforms. Our extensive background has given us the skill set to be effective, efficient, and productive in any environment. We can work at your location (short-term only), remotely from our location, or a combination of both to get the job completed to your satisfaction. Explore the services below to find what Martin Works can do for your business.


Need to recover your data center costs? Need to bill for outsourcing services you provide? Need to supplement existing staff? Chargeback software can be complex and frustrating. Martin Works can help. Follow the link to find out how our experience with the leading chargeback software packages can ease your tensions.

SAS and DBs

Martin Works has extensive experience writing SAS programs and marcos as well as using a variety of databases. Whether you need new data read into a database, those reports written, or data exported for further processing, we can help. Do you need to move your data from a legacy application to a new application? Martin Works will convert the database, work with you to verify the result and fully document the new database. Follow the link to find out more about what we can do with SAS and other databases.

Remote Administration

Martin Works can remotely administer MXG, MICS, IT Resource Manager (ITSV), IT Charge Manager or other SAS-based data collection and reporting package. We can handle the day-to-day tasks or be called on to handle the application for maintenance packages, hot fixes, adding a new data source or to create new reports. Follow the link to find out more about how we can remotely administer your system.


Your business knows the ins and outs of your business line. You want very specific software to make your tasks easier, faster, better….but that software does not seem to exist. None of the existing packages meet your needs. You can hire Martin Works to develop that software for your business. Your business retains the rights of the software. That means that your business uses that software to stay ahead of the competition, or markets it (as a new product) to the competition. Follow the link to find out more about our programming services.

MVS and z/OS

We began our careers on the mainframe. Our various positions over the years has given us a breadth of knowledge that encompasses most system utilities and functions. Let us know what you need and Martin Works can show you how we can solve your problem in an efficient and professional manner. Follow the link to find out more about how we can help with your mainframe needs.

UNIX in all it's flavors

UNIX, LINUX, AIX...Martin Works understands UNIX. We have taught it's use, programmed on it, and connected applications from it to dissimilar platforms. We use UNIX for our web servers, and are completely comfortable with the text based interface and VI editor. Need a network or firewall set up? Martin Works can secure your vulnerable Windows network, file and printer sharing, behind a the security of a Linux firewall. Follow the link to find out more about how we can help with your UNIX based needs.

Windows and Workstations

Martin Works also works with workstations. Whether you need custom applications, middleware, or just some programming piece-work done, we can fill your needs. We also offer training in most PC applications. Martin Works has experience in cross platform systems, and in collecting data from sensors attached to PC's. Check out what we can do for your workstation.

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