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Business computer productivity

Does your business own a computer or multiple computers that are sitting around collecting dust? Do you feel that you should be getting more use from your business equipment and software? Clay can help you and your staff use your computers more effectively. Here are areas where I can help:
  • Diagnosis and repair to fix the routine wear and tear of Windows
  • Start up configuration review and streamlining
  • Upgrade/expand system including transferring data to new applications
  • Track inventory
  • Setup customer database
  • Setup and customize service call and dispatching
  • Setup Point Of Sale systems for retail and restaurants
  • Create letter, email templates
  • Create database and spreadsheet data entry front ends
  • Create scripts and macros for most Windows business applications
  • Teach Your Staff

Computerize business processes

Are you still tracking important business information on paper? Do you find yourself transferring information from one piece of paper to another? Are you individually addressing labels for shipping merchandise or newsletters? Kick the paper habit! Enter that information only once! I can work with you to identify the critical areas of your business and help you find integrated solutions to digitize and automate important tasks. I can provide a total solution or work with you to implement it in stages as your budget allows. Let Clay help you kick the paper habit.

Technology Integration

What is technology integration? Simply, it's using various business electronic equipment together to complete business tasks accurately and efficiently. It also means homogenizing the way you do similar things. For instance, let's say you have a small store. Some of what you sell is nationally manufactured, other stuff is made by local individuals. Using your PC, software and a barcode scanner, you can scan the inventory you receive from national manufactures. You could scan it as it's sold. The local stuff you keep on a paper list as it arrives, and you update another list as it is sold. This method is inefficient and leaves plenty of room for transcription errors.

Instead you can integrate all the merchandising into one method. So you would scan the national stuff as it arrives, updating your computer-based inventory. You could then add your local vendors to your computer records. Using your printer, you would print off and attach a barcode to each of these items as they arrive. All merchandise is scanned as it is sold.

Your computer uses this information to tell you when to reorder the national stuff, and produce the purchase order. Your computer tracks the sales and commissions of your local vendors. Because the information is tied together, you can easily print a commission check, and see how much you made on the sales. By quickly generating a report, you are able to fine tune your stock by identifying the big sellers not by volume, and by how much money they make for you.

Integration with the world outside the PC

Other types of integration extend beyond the data within the computer. You can use a temperature monitor with a PC connected to the internet to buzz your cell phone or pager when a certain temperature is reached in a storage area. You can use a graphics program to edit a design that can be transferred to your embroidery machine for a customized design. You can use a PC and a database to allow your customers to easily find and select one music CD or dress pattern from the hundreds you have available in your racks. Clay can help your business integrate the technology you already use or help you select additional equipment to meet your needs.


Do you know how to use your existing customer data to create individualized letters, sales flyers and coupons? Do you know that you can print the customer address, your return address and even postage directly on the envelope? Are your customers online? If so, do you regularly send them useful tips, and reminders relating to your business? Clay can teach you how to do all these things and more.

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