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Promote Your Business

Card, brochure, templates, promote your business

Get the word out that your business exists! The more people know about your business the more likely they are to buy a product or service. Don't overlook using computers and the internet to promote your business. Clay can help. I offer services to help you make your own business promotion materials, and to set up emails to promote your business without spamming. I can also design or maintain your web site. I also provides technology integration services to integrate your equipment with your PC for better tracking of information.


What is branding? Branding is a method were you develop a logo, a look, a consistent feel to all your business correspondence, advertising and announcements. By standardizing your look, customers can easily recognize your product, ads, etc. This consistency works with the natural processes of peoples thought to help them remember your business. It also allows them to refer your business to other customers, without having to remember a lot of details.

  • Those batteries with the little pink bunny,
  • that chain saw maker with the big orange H,
  • that coffee that's good to the last drop.

In order to achieve this you must settle on some consistent themes and then repeat them everywhere. This means your business cards, ads, invoices, faxes, signs, letters. By developing a "brand" and then using the tools in your computer, you can easily burn that into the minds of your customers. Clay can show you how to integrate this into all your computer tools, so you can keep that brand out there with little or no further effort.

Using the tools you have

If you have at least one PC, Microsoft Office and a printer, you can promote your business yourself. You can use your computer to customize promotion materials for your business. I can show you how to make and print your own professional-looking

  • business cards
  • brochures
  • stationary
  • sales flyers
  • stickers
  • labels

Once created these items can be easily copied and edited for specific promotions during holidays, sporting events, the county fairs and festivals or business and trade shows. As long as these items are stored in the proper format, you can email them to places for bulk printing (such as Office Depot, Staples, or Kinkos).

If you have a connection to the internet you can promote your business to news media, regional business organizations, and internet-connected customers. You can use your computer to email

  • news releases
  • newsletters
  • coupons

Most newspapers and other media, prefer to receive news releases and ad copy via email. It's much faster for them to copy the information then to have to retype it. You customers may prefer to receive your newsletter via email and you'll save on postage. Coupons can be sent to customers, promotion web sites, and related business quickly and easily.

Clay can show you how to create and modify these items. I can help you set up ways to use them to promote your business. I will also help you with all those "little things" that are so important, like spelling and grammar checking, adding them to your backups, and making checklists so you don't forget the steps.

Web site


Do you need a web site? Are you sure? Not all business need a web site. A useful web site has a purpose. If you cannot determine a business purpose for a web site, you probably don't need one. However, if you do need one, I can design it for you.


Is your current web site not what you expected? Are you unhappy with the hosting service? Can you talk to your web site designer? Is he/she available to discuss your site with you and answer your questions? Your web site is a reflection of your business. You must be able to work with your web site designer as a team to make the best web site possible. Thus, a comfortable relationship with your web site designer is mandatory. I believe that no question should go unanswered. I keep you involved in all aspects of the design and explain the how and why of your site.


Do you have a web site that has not been updated in, well, you can't remember how long? Is all of the information on the site still correct? Does it need some fresh content to attract customers?

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