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Protecting your computer assets

Are your computers critical to the operation of your business? Does your business stop being able to provide service or sell products if your computer or network has a problem? Let Clay work with you to secure your business data. Once the process is set up and you know how it works, you'll find that it's easy to maintain. You will have the peace of mind knowing that you will have control of your data no matter what happens. I can also help you decide what level of protection is correct for the value of your business computer assets. You would not guard a diamond with a circle of yellow police tape. But you should not pay for Fort Knox to guard a 1976 Chevy that is missing it's engine.

Guard the perimeter

You must protect your computers or network from the ever present flood of virus, worms, Trojan horses, spy ware, Browser hijackers and other mal-ware flowing from the internet. The attacks come as email and Internet sites, no matter how careful you are. Is your anti virus working, turned on, up to date? Are you using the right tools to work on the net? Do you have a firewall in place? I can help you develop and implement a comprehensive plan to protect your perimeter.

Guard the compound

You must protect your electronic assets from loss. Sometimes a new virus gets through. Sometimes someone "accidentally" deletes some data. Sometimes hardware fails. You need to be able to recover your important information. To do that you must act first. I can help you develop and implement a comprehensive plan to protect your digital assets.

Have reinforcements ready

How important is your system to the operation of your business. If a large scale disaster strikes your system, can you be open the next day, or hour? Can you can live with out computer for a few days, and still keep the business open? If so, you may not need this level of protection. But if you depend on your computers to carry out your day to day operations, you need to be prepared for disaster. I can help you design and implement a complete disaster plan that will keep your doors open for your customers.

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