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A collection of free tools for the SAS administrator. Look for the link to Rapid Decision Support (RDS) Software Collection.

EZRTools a SAS editing tool

Martin Works, Inc. has developed a toolkit to aid in the writing, debugging and the maintenance of SAS source code. The toolkit is called EZRTools;) and it's an add-on package to Multi-Edit, a great programmer’s editor for over 50 languages.


SASUsers.com was established in August 2000 to enhance the learning and sharing of information of interests to users of The SAS System worldwide.

ITFMA IT Financial Management Association

A professional association dedicated to the education and advancement of the financial management of information technology (IT) organizations in areas such as chargeback, cost allocation, cost control, benchmarking, asset management, contract negotiations, performance measurement, activity based cost, portfolio management, outsourcing, service level agreements, and function point analysis.

Qualex Consulting Services, Inc. SAS Tools Page

A collection of free downloadable productivity tools for use with SAS versions 6 and 8. Some tools are SAS/AF aplications.

SAS Error Message Interpretation

Typically SAS issues warning and error messages to provide diagnostics to aid you in correcting problems in coding an SAS program. Most of these messages are self-explanatory; however, some require some experience before you will be able to interpret them correctly and on rare occassions, a SAS program will terminate without generating an error. One way to learn how to interpret error messages is to deliberately include errors into a functioning program and note the error messages which are generated.

SAS® Consultant Special Interest Group

This site has a wide variety of resources for SAS programmers and consultants. From tips, surveys and stories to job searches, training and professional organizations, this site is a goldmine of links.

SAS jokes

Yep SAS jokes, imagin that.

Funny system options

What if there were a second set of system options . . . a book 2 of options that left rationality and practicality behind? Which of these options might be useful to you?

INTERNET and Web Resources for SAS® Programmers and Statisticians

Whether you are in the startup phase of your SAS career, you have been a statistician for years, you need consulting assistance from other experts, or you are interested in the latest conference, you'll find a web site here that can meet your needs. The web sites have been divided into several categories to assist you find answers.

World Currencies and Abbreviations

There are many different currencies in use in the world. A few have special symbols to represent them but most use the first letter of the currency name. Although the first letter of the currency name works well when describing a local currency, in an international context it leads to confusion. Does P20 mean 20 Pesetas, Pesos, Pounds, Pataca, Pa'anga or something else? And if it means 20 Pesos, are they Argentinian Pesos, Bolivian Pesos, Chilean Pesos, Colombian Pesos, or some other variety of Peso? For this reason we need an unambiguous, unique, standardized (and preferably short) way of referring to each currency.

Although there are special symbols for some currencies, many of them cause problems when used in e-mail, news postings or on web pages. For this reason we need a method of representation that passes unchanged and without difficulty in all of these media.

The solution, long used by the international banking community, is the ISO 4217 set of currency abbreviations.

The Computer Measurement Group

The Computer Measurement Group, commonly called CMG, is a not for profit, worldwide organization of data processing professionals committed to the measurement and management of computer systems. CMG members are primarily concerned with performance evaluation of existing systems to maximize performance (eg. response time, throughput, etc.) and with capacity management where planned enhancements to existing systems or the design of new systems are evaluated to find the necessary resources required to provide adequate performance at a reasonable cost.

International NeuMics Users Group

Articles, mail lists, and the other services you would expect at a user's group web site. It has a customizeable user profile. The cool main menu is worth the visit in of itself.

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