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Business Systems

POS, inventory, office and business systems

Clay has experience with a wide variety of business systems. Whether you need a small system or large I can help you select, purchase, install, customize and maintain your system. If you are not sure what your business needs I can help you analyze available products and how they might assist the operation of your store, restaurant or office.

Point of Sale systems for Retail and Restaurants

Ask yourself who will support you and how far are they away? Do the folks selling the system see you as a potential customer for many years or as a one-time commission? Will your provider educate you about POS systems or use your lack of knowledge as a tool to maximize their profit at your expense?

Restaurant POS systems

There are lots of POS systems on the market. The major difference (other than price) is how they are sold or packaged. Many Restaurant POS systems are only sold through franchises, where a complete package, hardware and software is provided where the only choice you get is the number of terminals you want. The hardware is usually among the most expensive available; moreover, it often comes as all-in-one terminals. If one part goes bad, you may need to replace the whole thing. Buying individual components can save thousands per station while providing a wider range of choices to suit your specific physical environment or budget. Even the software that is sold on the open market is designed for a wide range of uses. These vary from minimalistic lunch counter use to full blown fine dinning with employee hours and automatic inventory tracking.

I can help you determine what type and how much system you need. I can find economical hardware solutions and insure that they will work with your software and each other. Some components, like receipt printers, differ in the speed, noise level, and cost of supplies, I can help you balance the tradeoffs and come to a decision. Of course, I can set the system up and provide you or your employees with as much training as you feel you can afford. I can help you determine how much effort software options require to setup and maintain. I can also set up an implementation plan that reduces chaos on your first day.

Retail POS systems

Retail systems share many of the aspects of restaurant systems such a range of functions, hardware choices and software packaging. They differ mostly in that items sold equate to a single inventory item versus being assembled from multiple items, like a pizza. Also most transactions are accomplished at one time, checkout, versus orders added to previous orders, like another round of drinks. The hardware often does not need to be a rigorous because of the absence of liquids, cooking oil laden air, and high temperatures. I can help you analyze your sales flow, inventory tracking needs and integration of your POS system with other applications. I can find economical hardware solutions and insure that they will work with your software and each other. I can set the system up and provide you or your employees with as training as your budget allows.

Office Systems

Clay can help you with your office software and hardware needs. If you just need to integrate your existing software, or want to computerize your pen and paper methods, I can help. Automated Inventory, I can create a system to fit your needs. Do you need Time clock and employee management solutions? Need to tie this in with your accounting system? I can also help you with customer management, whether it's just contact management or accounting and billing. I can also help you with your office network. I can help with document and peripheral sharing, security or initial setup. Let us analyze your needs and propose a solution for you. I can also help with communication between offices. If your office already has a lot of computer resources, and you want to get the most out of the money you have spent I can help you with technology Integration.

Existing System upgrade or expansion

Martin Works can also help with maintenance and upgrades of your existing systems. From cleaning viruses and other mal-ware, to providing you with scripts and templates to give you a consistent look to your correspondence, I can help. I can also help you secure your network or computers or build you a database system.

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