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Lisa Schmidt

RF Central, LLC
Carlisle, PA
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Hi, Clay and Lori,
Thank you so much for the great work you did to create our new website. Throughout the whole project, you were thorough, professional, qualified, focused, and flexible.

I was very impressed that you came to our first meeting with creative ideas. I had originally called you on a Monday, and by our first meeting on Wednesday, you had already located and researched our competition and had familiarized yourselves with our products.

I appreciated your willingness to listen and respond to each one of our suggestions. Everything I asked for was done, done well, and done on time.

I also appreciated your knowledge of website issues. You seem to be very in-tune with the latest trends, the laws and protocol, and the technological tricks of the trade.

Our new website is something we're very proud of, and I feel confident that your web design business will grow and thrive as people hear of the terrific job you're doing.

Thank you!
Lisa Schmidt
RF Central, LLC

Dermot & Brooke O'Hare

P. J. O'Hare's Irish Family Restaurant and Pub
Oakland Twp., PA

Lori and Clay Martin of Martin Works researched and installed our Point of Sale System. We were very impressed with their professionalism. They researched the best software and hardware packages available for our budget.

Their installation of the hardware and software was very thorough and they completed each step, paying attention to the smallest detail, assuring us the best service possible.

I would highly recommend them as I feed our needs were completely satisfied. As they included us along every step of the way, we feel as though we have total knowledge of the package.

Mandi Jo

Kutztown University, PA

I know next to nothing about computers, so of course I didn't know what to do when I found out that my lap top had 80 viruses and everything was screwed up. I went to Martin Works not even knowing what I had to do. Within a few days I had my computer good as new. Martin Works saved my Micron's life! They explained what was wrong, what was done to fix it, and what to do to keep it that way. Thanks to Martin Works, my computer is running great!

Marti Stanford

Office Manager Tri-Boro Municipal Authority
Susquehanna, PA

Lori Martin has been a godsend for me since I work in a small, municipal office and from time to time need a bona-fide expert to help with computer software, hardware and/or application problems. Lori's knowledge of computers in general, along with Quickbooks, Billing Programs, Microsoft Office, printers, and routers in particular, has really made my work less frustrating. She is not only extremely knowledgeable but also available and accessible. I have no need to call "tech support," or to navigate through their endless, voice messages.

Bill Briar

Oakland, PA

I started working on a Macintosh computer in 1992 learning graphics design and basic computer skills. In 1997 a computer scientist company called Clay Martin moved into the area. They were very persistent that if I was to switch to a IBM clone type of computer, Clay Martin and his wife Lori Martin would mentor me in advanced computer skills. Not long after, I was ready to start my own business called Professional Web Service, (www.professionalwebservice.com) which has become very successful. I've taken their knowledge and my drive and expanded my business to launch in December 2004, a new and exciting child database registry company called My Child's Info www.mychildsinfo.com. So in closing I'd like to say Thank You, Clay and Lori of Clay Martin

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