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Web Site Design, Development, Expansion and Maintenance

Bringing together design, navigation, content and security

Why choose Clay Martin for you web needs?

  • 30+ year experienced professional, dedicated to quality work and customer service. I know all the technical aspects of the web. I am quick and responsive.More
    I have worked in the computer industry for over 30 years, on mainframes, UNIX mini's and PC's.    I am knowledgeable with all types of databases and a myriad of programming languages.   I can do HTML, JavaScript, Java, PHP, DHTML and more.    I am proficient with creating customizable graphics, animated GIFs and Flash.
  • Your site is not limited to features that some site generator can provide, you won't wonder why your webmaster won't call you back, our professional custom graphics and logo pages will load quickly and look good, thus people will stay on your site. More
    Because I know the tech, you are not limited to those "cookie cutter" sites that others provide.   You are not limited to what web goddies you can have on your site.   If what you want is not available, I can customize existing web tools to meet your needs, or create new ones from scratch.   My experience means I understand the importance of fast load times, search engine optimizations, image/text balance, web no-nos, ease of navigation and useability.   I can teach you how to analyze how visitors get to and use your site so that you can know the strengths and weaknesses of your message.
  • Your web site will benefit your business, your site will not make you look like an amateur, you will be found when people web search, your logo graphics can be used for letterheads, tshirts, and other non web uses More
    I work with you to find out what you want your site to do for your business.   I then build a site to accomplish your goals.   Afterward you will be able to measure your success.   Badly designed web sites are like using a torn sheet of paper as a business card.   I give you a professional site that will tell visitors that you are a quality business.   Check out some of our samples.

Clay can help you determine the level of web presence your business needs at this time.

  • It may be that your business needs only a simple site,
  • or maybe it needs something more dynamic where your customers can make reservations or interact with service technicians.
  • Maybe your business needs a e-commerce account to help sell your products online.
  • Maybe a web site won't help your business at all.

Clay can help you determine what a web site can do for your business.

You are Key to Your Web Site's Success

I believe that your continued input into web site design and development is crucial. No one else will be as passionate about your business as you. A great web site exudes that passion. It makes the customer sit up and take notice. "Wow this business really knows their stuff!" is the reaction I want your customers to have when they visit your web site.

Web Site Design and Development

Clay will work with you to design and develop your web site. I create a large or small sites. If you have an existing database, I can integrate with your web site. I create optimized for the web custom graphics and logos for your web site.

All of the sites I create are

  • tested to work properly with the common browsers,
  • resistant to hackers and email id collecting spiders,
  • tuned for search engines such as Google and Yahoo,
  • have easy navigation for your customers.

Problems with Your Current Site?

If you are not happy with your current web site or web site designer, Clay can help. I can redesign your existing web site or create you a new one. I can help you transfer your existing site to a new web hosting service. Clay never activates or replaces a web site without approval from our customer. Once the final approval is given, the existing site can be replaced in a matter of minutes.

Web Site Maintenance

Clay also offers web site maintenance. Customers will visit your web site more often if the content changes and it has value to them. Clay can update photos, add newsletters, tips or articles to your web site. I offer this service as an ongoing service contract or just whenever you need it. Rates for service contracts are lower then on-demand services.

See Some Samples

Check out some of the web sites I have created and maintain.

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